7 Important Questions To Ask Before Tinting Your Car

1. How long will this window tint last?

This is based on the type of window tint you want to use in your car. Different types of car window tint have different lifespans. Normally, we want to use the most durable window tints. The best quality window tints should last at least 7 years in Malaysia weather.

There are other factors that will affect how long a car window tint can last. 

  1. Climate/ weather on the area
  2. How you taking care of your car


2. How long will a car tinting job take?

A tinting job takes anywhere between 1 hour and several hours, depending on the number of car windows you want to be tinted. If the tint is only applied to two front side windows, then expect the job to take much shorter time than tinting the whole car.

3. Is the window film covered by a warranty?

Yes, almost all quality window films have a warranty. The warranty is best on product packages and manufacturing technology. Packages:

  1. Midnight Series – 3 years warranty
  2. Premium CX Series – 5 years warranty.
  3. Premium Plus TY Series – 6 years warranty.
  4. Hybrid QZ series – 7 years warranty.

You can check warranty validity at https://tintedfilms.com/e-warranty/

4. What are the JPJ laws for car window tinting? 

New JPJ Tint rules 2021 allow car owners to tint their back windshields and rear passenger windows as dark as they want. For safety concerns, the front windshield, as well as the driver and front passenger side windows, must remain transparent, allowing 70% and 50% Visible Light Transmission (VLT).

  1. Front Windshield – VLT 70% or  more
  2. Driver side windows – VLT 50% or more
  3. Passengers side windows – VLT 0% (as dark as you want)
  4. Back windshield – VLT 0% (as dark as you want)


5. What does the warranty cover?

Our automotive window tint warranty covers all product and installation failure issues including..

  1. discolouring, 
  2. peeling, 
  3. bubbling from the glass, 
  4. fading.

6. What actions void the warranty?

Windows should not be washed for at least 30 days after they are installed, and the cleaning products used should not contain any chemical or abrasive materials.

7. How much will the installation cost?

Window tints are not so expensive, even for higher end brands. Our average prices range from RM599 – RM1199 to tint your whole car. But it’s best for you to make a budget first. If your budget is less, we suggest you at least go for our Premium CX Package (start from RM599/car). You may find cheaper options on the market, but those cheap installations will give you a headache all the time.

Our packages and cost:

  1. Midnight Series – Start from RM399/car.
  2. Premium CX Series – Start from RM599/car.
  3. Premium Plus TY Series – Start from RM799/car.
  4. Hybrid QZ series -Start from RM999/car.